Saturday, August 18, 2012

SCBWI-Houston Illustrator workshop

Today I attended a little workshop ran by SCBWI-Houston for illustrators, organized by illustrator Deandra Mae, where I learned quite a bit. Thanks Deandra! There was a ton of great info given out here, and if my camera hadn't died, I would have taken a lot more pictures. One thing I would absolutely LOVE would be for more of a community here in Houston between the illustrators in our group. Just being around other artists and talking shop makes me (little British girl accent) "ever so happy!"

Near the end of the meeting, we got to squeeze in a little of making a picture book dummy, which honestly was a lot more fun than I ever thought. Below are the beginnings of the layout of Harry the Dirty Dog....which I am sure I have read at some point in my life:

And sometimes, just being around creative people makes me really start "pump out the jams" .... This may be a really cool idea happening below. Just remember: You saw it here first. Obviously, can't talk too much about it, but it may be the book I prepare a dummy for the spring convention:

So my goals now are a little clearer:

  1. Continue to work on pieces to boost portfolio, and streamline my work/style.
  2. Create a dummy book
  3. Design and get a promo card printed.
  4. work on character design.

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