Friday, August 24, 2012

31 days of Halloween!

As Halloween soon approaches, I am going to do 31 drawings, released on each day of October... The problem is, I don't want to choose them... I want YOU to choose what I will draw!

You want a picture of your child in a halloween costume? Cool . Freddy Kruger? I can do that. Creature from the Black Lagoon? Awesome (I love the classics). Heck, even though I don't like cats, I would draw your cat as a zombie for you! Notice a Halloween theme here?

Here's how it works: you send me the suggestion, along with a picture reference if needed (I would like to also post the reference, if that's ok). Sorry, no repeats, and keep it simple.

All drawings done will be available for purchase in my store for a measly $20... However, people who have made the suggestions get first shot to purchase.

...All money will be used to purchase art supplies for my art classes!!

Then starting October 1st, I will post one picture everyday up til the last day. I will draw 1 person from everyone who entered to win the drawing I do on Halloween.

Any questions, just ask.

Send suggestions (with reference if needed) to

Include your name, and whatever other info you want to share.

I cannot wait. Send those suggestions in!

UPDATE 8/26:
I have had some great suggestions. So far:

Chris: Daughter/Dog as zombies
Rob: Werewolf has Nards (Monster Squad)
Rob: Creepy German Guy (Monster Squad)
Floss: Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Sarah: My Self-portrait (Joel) as a Vampire
Kate: Dog Lucie as an Alligator

...Keep the ideas coming! No one is obligated to buy the drawing (although it would be nice). I just really want some ideas! I will be starting the drawings in a few days:)


  1. I'd like to see "Wolfman's got Nards" from the Monster Squad working in a menial job supervised by the "Scary German Guy".

  2. How about two conspiring crows, obviously up to no good?

  3. I will add your suggestion, Vonna :)

  4. Todd's request: Frankenstein monster and bride nervously entering a haunted attraction.

  5. I'm sure you can do this one, Zombie Elementary Art Teacher! I would also like a zombie preK class, since per-Ks have already eaten my brain!