Sunday, September 9, 2012

Requests so far:

Ok, everyone, with the start of school, and all that it entails, I havent had time to blog, but here is the updated list of my work to be released in October:

Works highlighted are DONE.

1. Chris: Daughter/Dog as zombies
2. Rob: Werewolf has Nards (Monster Squad)
3. Rob: Creepy German Guy (Monster Squad)
4. Floss: Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)
5. Sarah: My Self-portrait (Joel) as a Vampire
6. Kate: Dog Lucie as an Alligator
7. Candace: Frankenstein/Bride entering Haunted Attraction
8. Vonna: 2 Conspiring Crows 
9. Melissa: Pinhead as an infant
10. Susan: Ichabod Crane with Halloween treats
11. Janelle: Nervous monster teaching 7th grade
12. Michelle: 2 kids as Thing # 1 and Thing # 2
13. Elexis: Nieces/Nephews
14. Rich: Scary Fairies
15. Craig: Evil Ventriloquist Dummy 
16. Michael: someone in rowboat being rowed by skeletons with bats
17. Teresa: Grandson with Yoda

For those that don't know, see my previous post for what i am up to. I will be closing it soon, so I can work in earnest (I have already began, btw). Remember, any work sold I am donating the money to my art classes!


  1. Looking forward to it, Joel! I'm posting a link on my blog tomorrow.