Sunday, January 19, 2014

Got a great package in the mail:

Today, I got a picture from my wife saying, "You got this in the mail today....Don't worry, I won't open it."


Anyhoo, the day went by very slow and I ran home and like on Xmas morning, I tore into it with a big grin on my face... and VOILA:

The four books from ABDO Publishing 
I have to say, I let me wife look at them first, as I wanted to see what they looked like when someone was reading them. I know that sounds weird, but as I had looked at the art probably more than anyone else, I wanted to see if they worked "on a book." ...I dunno if that makes sense. I thought, "Yeah, the art looks like it belongs on the book." I was happy there.

And then I saw that ABDO included one of the books on the banner of their website. I think this made it hit home more than even having a physical copy in my hand: To see it sit up there with other books... well, I cannot describe the feeling except to say it was a very very good one. Kind of watching your child go off to school with the other kids.

ABDO's Magic Wagon page

Sometime in the next few months, I will retell the whole process: from portfolio to book signing... that's right. March 29th at Blue Willow @ 2 pm!

More on that later. I have some conferences to get ready for!

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