Friday, July 13, 2012

Artwork: Pirate Monkey

I just got the blog up and running. So let's do this. Building the portfolio back up, and working on new art pieces. My wife's friend suggested I do a Pirate Monkey, so after doing a few sketches, I decided on a layout. I was going to do it in gouache, because since getting them, I have been aching to use them. I was also going to use watercolor and ink:

The initial sketch:

Doing lines in ink, wasn't sure about outlining, but there you go:

I did a watercolor wash, to tone the white down and add some value for reference:

and the final product. Note I forgot the tail... added it later: One thing nice about using gouache: it always can mix... and you can "reactivate" it after the paint has dried (vs watercolor, which is absorbed more by the paper)... That being said, I thought it was a fair job, considering first time in the medium. I think I would have maybe skipped the wash next time, and softened the background (which can be obtained digitally, but I am working on that as we speak).

All of the above pix were taken with my iPad, and the one below was pieced together in Photoshop (photostitch is amazing!), because it was so big. The scan stinks, as you can tell the difference in color. I want to retake the scan so I have true colors before I give it away:
From start to finish, about 6-7 hours.

Anyhoo: there you go. First picture up! Comments/Crits always welcome.

Up next: A tortoise and hare picture.

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